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Sometimes the latter features sheer, blatant mockery of women in general and of these women in particular.

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Misogynist bloviations meet bawdy applause among men who are ostensibly championing real manhood over and against the "liberal" "garbage" anthropology which they slanderously claim these new books posit. If the irony of their behavior is lost on them or anyone else, it suggests all the more forcefully our need for such books.

Links to any of the above are easy to find. I'm not providing them here - sorry! My primary purpose in this post is to call us out of the fray for a bit. I'm going to link instead to one of the finest sermons I've ever heard broaching the topic of biblically-defined masculinity. Williams of the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary.

Have a listen. In tone alone, let alone content, this sermon is a refreshing, unintentional yet no less applicable rejoinder to the aforementioned vile, unmanly, dehumanizing tendencies against which each of us men, especially office bearers in the church, need to pray with regard to our hearts and to the words we speak or publish as the outflow of their abundance.

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May we commit to thinking deeply about our faith and to asking good questions which, like those being raised by Aimee and Rachel, aim to drive us back to and deeper within the Scriptures. May we hear such questions respectfully, honestly, and then search the Scriptures thoroughly.

May we have the integrity to apologize to people we've publicly slandered, and may the Lord protect our hearts from hidden sins Psalm Instead, I thought of my father, a veteran of World War II who spent years of my childhood visiting his local VA hospital, sitting with older vets. I had to say yes.

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Walking into the American Legion post, I was struck by how familiar it felt. I had been in this room before—in other strip malls, in other cities. As a boy, some of my sharpest memories include walking with my dad at the posts of the Veterans of Foreign Wars or Catholic War Veterans.

How to live life like you mean it.

Thirty folks, all combat veterans, sat in rapt silence. Some were members of staff now. Most, though, were older — perhaps in their mid-seventies. Most were men.

For the reading, I chose a passage about my journey coming to see myself as a good man, a good adult, the person I was born to be. When the questions began, they quickly centered on one of my singular questions: What kind of leader am I? As we talked through the intricacies of the twin journeys — into adulthood and into the process of learning to lead well — we began to share our own views of effective adulthood and effective leadership.

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I acknowledged that I had never served and said that, as an outsider, it was always my understanding that folks often misunderstand effective military leadership. And then, from the front row, a woman spoke up. She had served three tours of duty in Iraq and was now counseling others. What is conventionally hailed as strong leadership is not identical with good leadership, and the latter is not an abstract attribute but an appropriate response in a distinctive setting — in a particular time and place.

In other words, good leadership is adaptable, shifting as needs shift. Authoritarian leadership is called for in a firefight, perhaps, but being collaborative and adaptive is most often the right leadership style. This is leadership in its purest form, defined as someone other people wish to be guided by and to follow. Why do we think good leadership means someone having all the answers?

We debated that for a while and came to understand the effects of our early socialization.