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I especially enjoyed the added detail in the stalks of wheat surrounding the grasshoppers and serving as a small fence along the sculpture site. As I drove I began to notice that it truly is these details that elevate the Enchanted Highway experience to the next level of roadside attraction. It was also my absolute favorite. With dozens of colorful elements, there are surprises to discover around every corner when visiting this sculpture.

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I wandered between the towering fish, wavering reeds and even a shipwrecked tugboat with my mouth hanging slightly open. Each of the fish scales have been cut individually and their coloring painted to give even more depth. But this family of fowl is no joke. The rooster and hen weigh in at 13, and 12, pounds respectively with each of their three chicks measuring 5, pounds each. Installed in , Teddy Roosevelt Rides Again features the 26th president on horseback behind a wooden horse-drawn carriage.

Standing at 51 feet tall and weighing in at 9, pounds, Teddy is a force to be reckoned with even today. The jovial family is made from telephone poles, old oil tanks and a variety of other scrap metal. At the end of the Enchanted Highway is the town of Regent itself. I had a laugh watching the motorized whirligigs move out front before heading inside the gift shop for a souvenir.

  1. The Enchanted Highway Regent North Dakota (World’s Largest Scrap Metal Sculptures).
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  8. Opened in , the Enchanted Castle Motel is quite possibly one of the most unique accommodations in North Dakota. I would love to hear from you!

    Cruising Along the Enchanted Highway - Emerging Horizons

    Have you driven the Enchanted Highway? What was your favorite sculpture? Looking for more things to do in North Dakota? Stay tuned for more places I visited during my North Dakota road trip! These look so amazing! This looks sooooo fun and like my kind of quirky roadside attraction. Then again, that was on a two week road trip when my kids were 4, 4, and 3, so I pretty much had my hands full! It definitely sounds like you had your hands full! Thanks so much for reading, Chelsey!

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    Deer Crossing

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    7 Ways to be Awed on the Enchanted Highway

    Comments These look so amazing! So cool! Candy B. Harrington May 23, He spotted a crude sculpture of a farmer with a makeshift hay bale alongside the road, and noticed that people stopped to photograph the creation. And he figured the best way to do that was to make the sculptures larger then life; so he enlisted the help of local farmers who were masters at welding, and set out to create the giant metal sculptures that dot the Gladstone-Regent Highway, off Interstate 94, just east of Dickinson.

    The origin of the Enchanted Highway: North Dakota man creates metal sculptures to save small town

    The route can be taken as a side trip off the interstate, or used as a one-way north or south route as an alternative to Highway That said, all of the sites except Whirly Gigs have level parking in dirt lots, and standard picnic tables in level areas. So pack along a picnic lunch, and prepare to linger on and enjoy the artistic creations along the Enchanted Highway.

    To be honest this piece is best seen from afar, so head south at the exit, and then pull over on the dirt road on the west side of the road. Next up is Deer Crossing, which is located just past Gladstone on the west side of the road. This massive piece depicts a pair of deer jumping over a fence, and measures in at a whopping 50 feet in height.

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    5. As an added bonus, a small Maze of Enchantment is located near the sculpture. What collection of prairie-themed sculptures would be complete without a few grasshoppers?

      To that end Grasshopper in the Field — which is located 12 miles south of Deer Crossing — certainly solidifies the theme. This piece features one large grasshopper with several juveniles in a wheat field.

      Geese in Flight

      Better yet, they are all surrounded by a cute little wheat picket fence. Greff got creative in the design phase of this piece, as he collected grasshoppers one summer and froze them for models. He wanted to make sure he got the colors just right, and he did a great job.

      A jungle gym and a few whimsical grasshopper bouncy toys round out this creative installation.