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For the Russians it represented liberation from fascism; its Moscow premiere was accompanied by the distant and audible sounds of actual victorious artillery fire. In the West it symbolized a freeing up of creativity from Soviet suppression, making it comparable in spirit with the 10th Symphony of Shostakovich which appeared shortly after the death of Stalin in There is a melancholy Adagio in the symphony, but the first two movements, and the Finale offer an orchestra the opportunity to communicate elevated and ecstatic emotions which the Cambridge Philharmonic Orchestra achieved in a powerful and spectacular manner.

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This was an invigorating and varied programme. Published: , 21 October Updated: , 21 October Saturn's size on this scale: 1.

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Uranus is about the point where our cosmic coach would call in an interplanetary field goal kicker. The gas giant is about 38 yards from our end zone. In real distances, that's an average of 2,,0,0 km 1,,0,0 miles - 19 AU - from the Sun.

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That's quite a kick. It's little wonder only one spacecraft has visited Uranus. Neptune is where things start to get way out.

It is 60 yards from our solar goal line on the imaginary football field. That's an average of 4,,0,0 km 2,,00 miles or 30 AU from the real Sun.

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Neptune, a little smaller than Uranus, is 0. Tiny Pluto is much closer to the opposing team's end zone. It's about 79 yards out from the Sun or 5,,0,0 km 3,,0,0 miles on average in real distances.

That's The small and rocky planet Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun; it speeds around the Sun in a wildly elliptical non-circular orbit that takes it as close as 47 million km and as far as 70 million km from the Sun. Mercury completes a trip around the Sun every 8 days, speeding through space at nearly 50 km per second, faster than any other planet. Because it is so close to the Sun, temperatures on its surface can reach a scorching degrees Celsius. But because the planet has hardly any atmosphere to keep it warm, nighttime temperatures can drop to a frigid degrees Celsius.

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Because Mercury is so close to the Sun, it is hard to see from Earth except during twilight. Until , scientists thought that the same side of Mercury always faced the Sun. Then, astronomers discovered that Mercury completes three rotations for every two orbits around the Sun. If you wanted to stay up for a Mercury day, you'd have to stay up for Earth days. Like our Moon, Mercury has almost no atmosphere. What little atmosphere exists is made up of atoms blasted off its surface by the solar wind and has less than a million-billionths the pressure of Earth's atmosphere at sea level.

It is composed chiefly of oxygen, sodium, and helium.

‘Stargazer’: Timothy Redmond & The Cambridge Philharmonic

Because of Mercury's extreme surface temperature, these atoms quickly escape into space and are constantly replenished. With no atmosphere to protect the surface, there has been no erosion from wind or water, and meteorites do not burn up due to friction as they do in other planetary atmospheres. Mercury's surface very much resembles Earth's Moon, scarred by thousands of impact craters resulting from collisions with meteors.

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  5. While there are areas of smooth terrain, there are also cliffs, some soaring up to a mile high, formed by ancient impacts. The Caloris Basin, one of the largest features on Mercury, is about 1, km in diameter. It was the result of an asteroid impact on the planet's surface early in the solar system's history, the probable cause of the strange surfaces on the opposite side of the planet.

    Helios the sol invictus unconquered sacrifice storms of distant frozen thunder where the setting sun will rise. I am calling you tonight… I am calling you I am calling you tonight… I am calling you. Silence rages through the dark And hangs upon me tightly This disease I feel inside, it eats away within The sky is haunting and alive, I feel the storms descending And hope now stands alone Before the blackness all around.

    Calling heaven Hear my voice In the darkness I am pleading As the tempest stands against me In my singularity. I watch the revolutions might the planets turn in fields of flight knowing through a sacred kiss Its offered into you and the universe is yours to make yours to build, and yours to break circum stance will force its way until you overcome… turn the tide.

    The sky becomes so big at night the sky becomes so big the sky becomes so big at night i can only see you….