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Do you feel that? That is how his sabre cock felt up my cunt. Fucking this often, this hard, this passionately, hour after hour leaves Jenny almost delirious. She constantly gives her sex to them, the six black men in the house this week. She shows them her sex dripping, the thick white semen within, contrasting against the pale peach of her labia.

Tonight, Ambrose is the fourth young black buck to have wandered into our bedroom and kissed Jenny to attentiveness. The men fuck her differently, some casual and smooth, some quickly and intently, and some regal and brutal like Ambrose. She opens her mouth, presses her breasts up to them and moans as they push their cocks inside her.

It comes out of her sex, a sucking sound on its heels.

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He presents his slimy cock to be licked clean. It is like licking an immensely thick, powerful black banana. The fucking thing seems to curve forever until his cock crown is reached. The bastard smirks at me. He fucking well despises them. The barbs go in.

Its not a made up taunt. Once a woman gets the level of cocking that Jenny does this week, she says those things. She is crazed by black cock. My wife is watching me lick him.

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She watches indolently, as though this is just another act, just another submission. The previous afternoon Ambrose shot a load down my throat too. He made me chug on his cock as the mess belched into my mouth. Jenny watched that too. I smelled of sex as well. The guy ambles away, without comment, without a goodbye. I look at Jenny. I want to tell her about the nightmare. It was the recurring one. The one about the first time that this happened.

Luke had brought four black brothers home that time. The conventions, they had not been explained to me. When a bro wanted his bitch bred, he shared her. It was an commitment thing, to the change. That first time, I had panicked.

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She wanted the men. She looked exultant, taking their relentless cocks. Watching my wife couple with Luke was one thing, but seeing her go with his friends…It did my head in and the nightmare returned again and again and again. Jenny moved around to sit on the side of the bed, her legs spread wide.

Her sex is a mess of semen. The shame is crippling. Jenny too looks a little sore. Her sex looks torn up. So instead, she gently pushed me back on the inflatable, and straddles my mouth, dripping the semen into my open mouth. In the morning she will wear another pleated tartan mini skirt to provoke even more of this. Babies, not of the shortbread and ginger haired variety you see. My wife needs to sleep, to grab what respite she can. So I leave her to snuggle beneath the duvet and pulling on a dressing gown pad quietly as I can down the corridor.

They are sound asleep. There is a sound from the bedroom next door though, where Diane my mother sleeps. My mother approves.

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When it comes to a fertile week, the chosen week, she knows that the men come down. Jenny asked her to come and mind the kids. I would have to attend the fucking…it was the rules. The door is slightly ajar. There is an unmistakable sound within. Someone is fucking. My hands shake. I tremble and it feels as if my legs will give way. Slap, slap, slap, slap. There is the sound of a woman groaning. Dear God! I listen back at the twins room, science. I want to stand guard there, but need to look next door. I feel compelled to look. It is like those horror dreams where you feel drawn to step down into the cellar to meet the ghost.

I nudge the door. When I look in Diane is bent forward on all fours and Luke is gliding his thick handsome dick into her sex.


She wears the stockings and suspender belt that she wore the previous evening. The pencil leather skirt was discarded, her blouse and her bra too, but Luke liked women in stockings. I am adopted, my mum is in her early forties and I am watching her take a length from the man who rules our house. Mum is just so, very very upper middle class, opera, Pimms on the lawn and polite society. But she is taking cock.

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My hands shook and sweat rolled down my brow as I walked into the parking lot, looking around anxiously. I didn't see him.

He must've had a ride waiting on him I thought, and started to walk home slightly put out, still horny as hell.