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Three task forces would close out GI ground operations. As opened, only two U. Five of those battalions were gone within the first two months of the year. The 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment also still maintained one squadron the 2nd in-country. Its G and F troops lost a total of three men KIA, all armor crewmen in separate incidents, early in the year.

Infantry KIA occurred only sporadically, mostly in the first three months of the year. A squad leader in D Co. I came home during the large-scale troop pull out in March, but a lot of my men were still there for the finale in August. These were not nice times. In April, his unit was the farthest north, with men working the bush around Charlie Ridge. Jim Gales was a gunner with an 81mm mortar crew of B Co.

Most of my platoon went to the 3rd Bn. Fortunately, they all made it out alive. Its troopers stayed in the field, doggedly pursuing the enemy.

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A squad leader of an 81mm mortar crew attached to E Co. Maximo Carraso arrived in Vietnam in January He was based at a mini-firebase in March and April. Even after moving back to Bien Hoa in August, we were hit by mm rockets. We could see them being launched; they sounded like speeding freight trains. Elvis Osborne and Spec.

After helicopter gunships raked the NVA bunker complex there, the team went in to assess the damage.

American War and Military Operations Casualties: Lists and Statistics

Either rocket fire or a command-detonated bomb rigged as a mechanical ambush device claimed their lives. H Company ceased combat operations by mid-July. A month later, on Aug. Ranger unit to serve in Vietnam.

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It was credited with the longest continuous combat tenure of any Ranger outfit in U. Some men were assigned to the company plus an artillery forward observer and his radio operator, four medics and three Kit Carson Scouts former enemy Vietnamese. A brand-new arrival to the war and the 1st Cav was Marc G. Sandler Heller led the 4th Plt.

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We were in the field well past the time the President announced the U. We got the word live on the radio as we were boarding a slick for another insertion and patrol. We did combat assaults, set ambushes on trails and blew bunker complexes up to the last. The last guys out of the bush that August said good-bye to Vietnam with a mag and a frag.

Men in the 1st Cavalry did heroic things for each other without hesitation. I am proud to have been one of their commanders. Unlike the 3rd Bn. No press was on hand to greet our last patrol, so our last mission went unrecorded.

Remembering Vietnam: Medics, Corpsman, and Nurses

Along with B Btry. Rocco Negris stood before the specially handpicked men of D Co. Evacuated to the 95th Evacuation Hospital in DaNang, he was the last line infantryman wounded in the war. John Vermilion, were the last to be Lifted out of the field by helicopter on that history-making mission. When the entire operation was completely done, Sgt. Roger Drouet was among those extracted from the field on Aug.

An M machine gunner, he participated in 25 aerial missions from January through July. We set up listening posts on trails outside night defensive positions, which were often probed by sappers. Memories of the sounds, sights and smells of these operations never go away.

An 11D20—armor recon specialist— he started out with the 2nd Sqdn. Amir Hekmati, 36, a Marine veteran who was imprisoned and abused by Iranian authorities on accusations he was a spy, has filed a lawsuit against the U. A woman faces a murder charge in connection with the Nov. Fort Drum officials honored Lt. Federal immigration officials have lodged what's known as an immigration detainer against a suspect charged in the hit-and-run death of a year-old Vietnam veteran in Norristown, Pa.

Officials say the suspect was in the country illegally.

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Max Wendell Lower was 23 when he was killed during an attack by U. Army Air Force bombers on oil refineries in Romania in August Harrison Dillard, a former Buffalo Soldier who was the only Olympic runner to win gold medals in both the sprints and the high hurdles, has died.

Seventy-six years after he was killed in action on a little-known island in the Pacific during World War II, the remains of U. Marine Pfc. Joseph Robert Livermore arrived in Bakersfield by motorcade Thursday as hundreds of residents lined the streets and gathered on freeway bridges to welcome him home. Tenants work with caseworkers from the VA and housing agencies to get connected with addiction treatment, job placement, mental health care and more.

A new study by the University of California, Irvine indicates that active military personnel and veterans might grapple with another psychological effect of war: grief.

Killed in Action-Struck By Lightning: A Vietnam Combat Medic’s Story

The Connecticut Wartime Service Medal was established in by the state's General Assembly to honor veterans who served for at least 90 days on active duty in a time of war and were honorably discharged. There's a joke that Joey Jones likes to use when he feels the need to ease the tension in a room or in his own head. To calm himself down, he uses it to remind himself of the obstacles he's had to overcome. When he faces challenges today — big or small — it brings him back to a time when the stakes were higher. Veterans are a key target for online fraud and attempts to meddle in U.

A man charged with killing a Montana veteran and stealing his military benefits told police he killed him in a panic. A former combat engineer finds the envelope and returns the money two days later. But this is no movie. Time may have stolen their youth, but as their names were announced and their battle history told, they stood tall after rising from their chairs on their own accord.

Wilbourne Markham said his twin brother, Weldon, was determined for them to join the military in But Wilbourne had a stipulation: they had to stick together. Albert Bringas, a year-old mechanic, was counting the days until he could spend more time with his wife and grandkids and also give his body a rest.

His boss found a way to help. Channing Whitaker died on Nov. An internal report shows that an office meant to protect whistleblowers instead damaged them, and employee confidence in VA has been shaken. After surviving the Battle of Peleliu, Phil Dunford knew what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Army Private Connie Cagle was killed on Nov.

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Federal changes to the Transition Assistance Program — primarily a training course for all service members leaving the military — could make it more difficult for some veterans to find work around Mountain Home Air Force Base in Idaho. Bon Jovi has not served in the military, but his parents were Marines. With a name like Robert Blessing, he seemed destined to become a preacher. But the decision to join the U.