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This is a Stillwater flyfishing book set amongst a magnificent backdrop of some of the most wonderful environmental conditions in the world that creates the opportunity to sight fish for both brown and rainbow trout in gin clear waters surrounded by native bush and native birds - indeed "A Stillwater Flyfisher's Paradise.

John Giacon""--Back cover. Waikaremoana : "the Jewel of the Ureweras" John F.

Giacon John F. But it is a nice holiday destination. The ones in the Indian Ocean are, apparantly, not much New Posts. Post Reply. Post Options Post Reply. Pole Dancer Members Profile. Lots of thoughts and no cash Finatic Members Profile. Bonefish on ultralight. I can just imagine it! Hi Ian You can do Pehryhn cheaper if you are prepared to go unguided and can contact some of the locals.

Hi Clark Just saw your post I'm prepared to post something when I get back if people are keen. Hi Ian I am trying to track down more info on Penrhyn Where did you see that price?

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Did you email them at Nomad? Awesome video footage! Memorymaker Members Profile.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be clever just thought it was worth a mention All the best. OTB jeey mate, I might have to go awol and shadow zou around fora few days ' awesome list ' trust me if zou strat achieving we will all want to be your new friend.. Thanks Karm I know we won't be into the large bones you see in some of the other locations but for a new boy, Xmas might be a good call.

Ian, I'm going to have a crack at Penrhyn before it goes too "lodgy" and or they get ideas of locking up flats. At the dollars they are talking though.


I cannot imagine the market is going to be huge. That sort of dough puts it against the Seychelles and the friends that have gone there rate it better than anywhere! Did you look at the NC bone on the Flylife site? Thats a ripper! Out the back, you are right about all the possibilities here at home. I can't wait to explore them more too! I am definitely saving for another Kingie trip early next year to the North Island.

They were sensational!! Thanks Out the Back! You will definitely see me then! I think we have quite an underated fishery here at home and fed with a diet of only overseas mags we forget about our own patch. I caught a small trevally up north and suspect the bigger versions must be incredible! XOS kings would be a real treat. I have a 12wt and I would love to get bent up your way. I am saving and dreaming as I type.

Many many moons ago I actually went out on Pursuit. I would like to launch from your neck of the woods again as I was green then.. FishMan Members Profile. OTB, smaller, faster, and less comfortable is definitely best! Next time.. Sounds like popper heaven Craig!!!! Maybe get to salt fish this week Thought id share a bit of experience to those getting the travel bug For those looking for a great travel destination close to home check out the Rowley Shoals, WA.

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This has to be one of the premium opportunities in the world - From game fishing around the atol to fishing for tropical fish etc in the shetered waters. RS is located NM from broome.

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Dominion Museum Bulletin No. A Flyfishers [ Flyfisher's ]Chronicles. Stream lines : depicting in cartoon, story and verse, something of the lighter side of angling sp The New Zealand Game Cookbook. Trout Secrets.

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How to Catch Trout in New Zealand. Spiny Lobsters. Through the Eyes of the Giant Packhorse. With Rod and Gun in New Zealand. Rod Fishing in New Zealand Waters -- [ in very scarce jacket ]. Gone Fishin'.

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