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This is especially because most of the top quality awnings are made from specialized canvas and fabrics and in turn, require to be taken care of in a certain way. Whether your awning is installed for your house or business , whether they are made of PVC coated mesh fabrics, acrylic, polyester, vinyl, or any other material, here are a five tips to help you take good care of your awning and extend its life.

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This is because when dirt and debris are allowed to build up on your awnings over a long period of time, it wears out the fabric. To do this, you can make use of a garden hose and carefully rinse out all the accumulated dirt. Try doing this once a month or every two months and you will see your awning not just looking great but it will also last much longer than those that are not cleaned always. Before you start cleaning your awning, ensure that the doors and windows are properly closed.

This is to avoid getting the items inside wet. Still on the topic of cleaning your awning requires a lot of patience, especially if you start thinking that the hose alone is not doing a good job of cleaning it up. If the right detergent for the fabric used in manufacturing your awning is not stipulated, then you should not hesitate in reaching out to any of the reputable awning companies for recommendations on what to use.

If you are among those who take their time to dismantle their awnings prior to winter, it is important that you put in that extra effort to ensure that the awning is properly stored. In order to avoid damages and possible mold and mildew accumulation, you should make sure the awning is stored in a very dry space and also, away from sharp objects that might puncture the fabric, reducing its functionality. You should also ensure that liquid containers that are prone to leakages are not stored in the same space as your awnings because a bad stain would reduce the visual appeal of your awning.

This is one of those tips to extend the life of your awning that you would find very helpful. Even though it is not very common for these frames to wear out, constant exposure to harsh elements like strong winds can do a lot more damage that you can imagine. Improper installation can also cause some damage to the frames.

I got tired of using a long handled brush and a mixture of awning cleaner in a bucket. The mixture would run down the brush handle onto my hands and arms…the drippings from the underside of the awning would be all over me.

Five Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Awning

I would be as wet as the awning! I figured there had to be a better way. Then it dawned on me…how about a small garden sprayer. Remember vinyl awnings will mildew.

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To prevent dirt from embedding into the woven fabric of an acrylic awning fabric you should simply hose the fabric off on a monthly basis. Avoid scrubbing acrylic awning fabric. Scrubbing can remove the water retardant finish. For stubborn stains blot the approved cleaner on the acrylic fabric with a sponge or soft cloth.

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For more difficult stains, or mildew, on a vinyl awning fabric there are after market commercial cleaners made just for awning fabrics. One method that seems to work well is to spray the inside and outside of the awning fabric with the appropriate cleaner, then roll it up and let it sit for several minutes. This distributes the cleaner over the entire surface of the awning fabric and allows the cleaner time to work.

Open the awning and thoroughly rinse both sides of the fabric. It may be necessary to scrub stubborn stains with a brush on a vinyl awning fabric before rinsing.

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You can clean the awning hardware with the same cleaner you use to wash the RV. NOTE: Never use oil based or abrasive cleaners on awning fabrics. Clean and thoroughly rinse both sides of the awning fabric. Carefully follow all awning and cleaner manufacturer directions. Talk to your RV dealer about what materials to use to repair or patch the awning fabric.

Allow enough time for it to dry completely, on both sides, before storing the awning. The bottom awning brackets support most of the load from the awning. Check the lag screws in the awning brackets for secure mounting. Inspect the arm pivot holes for any enlarged holes or broken rivets in the handles. If the roller tube is warped it will be noticeable when you roll the awning out.

Caution: Never attempt to remove the awning end caps.

How do you clean your awning ?