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App Download. US UK. Thank you for subscribing! Lucian wanted to meet Demi before he accepted the job, and when her scent hit him between the eyes, his bear rolled over him—she was his mate. But reality hit him like a freight train. She had money—a lot of money—and he and his family had always been dirt poor. Words: 89, Cleo Hiddock's life is thrown into chaos when she finds out that people who are able to wield the four earthly elements exist. They are known as the element commanders, and she is one of them.

She is abruptly sent to Platinum, a private boarding school dedicated to protecting element commanders. Words: 77, Meet Ellie. She is a beautiful woman who has just become a princess. Although her intentions are pure, not everyone shares the same values as she. When he met Bryce, he was both surprised and pleased to find out that she was his mate. Jazzie Scott had been having a bad run on her luck ever since she had gotten mixed up with Ryan Scott. The only thing good to come out of that short marriage was her son Joey.

Ryan died right after Joey was born which left her nearly broke and working a thankless job just to survive. Now someone was out to get her. They blew up her house and sent another bomb to the school where she worked. Asher knew what Bryn had been ordered to do, and that she was mated to his brother Simeon and Akassa. The question was if Bryn could follow her heart and ignore her sworn duty.

Would they all perish by the sword of this powerful faerie? Words: 43, Ghosts are assholes.

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If I've learned nothing else from all my years being a medium, at least I know that. They never even thank you for helping them out. Sure, Raquel is beautiful.

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And sweet. And kind. And promised things would be different. And promised she'd thank me for helping her find peace. She's still a ghost. Even if I'm starting to waver a bit. Words: 48, Emma moved to Virginia Beach after the sudden death of a loved one.

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She thought it was a good place to live and easily found a job and a few close friends. She rented a house, had a dog and cat, and her parents were only a few hours away in Northern Virginia. Life seemed to be going well for her, until break-ins began to happen nearby. Fresh out of prison, Parker was introduced to the Mystics. They were a loud and boisterous bunch, and a bit much for her to take. Seeking solitude, Parker met Tholan, a Mystic she could relate to and let her guard down. When she fell asleep, Tholan could see the demon of her nightmares and knew that she was in major trouble.

Words: 67, Nothing ever happens on the Eckerly farm, where year-old Alexa Flynn lives with her family. Then one day a strange, old woman appears to tell Alexa and her twin brother Michael that they possess an ancient and mystical power—the power of magic. Erotic Paranormal Romance. Bowen Boys by Kathi S Barton. Emerson Wolves by Kathi S Barton. When she finds a strange amulet hidden in the ruins of Machu Picchu, her boring summer is suddenly filled with a magic beyond her dreams.

Bear shifter romance. The Essence Sagas by Colin Sinclair Friendships are made and lost and many lives must be put in danger to usher the civilization into its rightful place among the Universal essence.

Golden Streak Series

The McCade Dragon by Kathi S Barton Kenton and his brothers were dragon shifters born without the ability to shift into their other half. The magic, it seemed, lay dormant in a sleeping dragon that was tied to six pieces of jewelry. When the ring found its way to Emma, her touch had woken the sleeping beast. But the beast from the ring would not be complete until all the jewelry found its way to their rightful dragons…. Border Legend Trilogy by Lee Bishop. Anastasia Series by Lily Raine Anastasia has always been different, and not just because she knows over fifteen languages and prefers to be alone.

After she was attacked while visiting family in Russia over seven years ago, Ana has been able to heal rapidly amongst other things. Panther shape shifters.

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The Ravenwood Trilogy by Lora Deeprose To protect the people she loves, Lizzie must find the courage to face the demon alone and risk the ultimate sacrifice…her life. A group of warrior vampires created to protect mankind. The Art Dodek Series by R. Lanning's Leap by Kathi S Barton. The Kingdom of Enneahedral by K. Samuel's Pride by Kathi S Barton.

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The Children of Nox by Joann H. They each drop a piece of armor named after them.